Resonances: ISMIR 2002 and IRCAM Forum Fall Workshops
    Sunday October 13 - Sunday, October 20. ISMIR takes place Sunday, October 13 - Wednesday, October 17. At IRCAM, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France. Part of Resonances, a major cluster of events, which will also include additional concerts, workshops, and the IRCAM Forum workshops (Wednesday, October 16 - Friday, October 18). ISMIR 2002 is an intensive and lively forum on the rapidly emerging realm of Music Information Retrieval (Music IR). This is a conference for researchers and developers, educators and librarians, students and professional users whose work involves search and retrieval of music representation and audio instantiation, as well as related issues such as intellectual property rights. Conference debate sessions will address such topics as Metadata and New Instruments, The National Sound Archives, Passive Listening Douglas, and Music and Free Software. There will be two concerts of works by ten young composers who have studied for one year at IRCAM, and showings of sound installations, including one by Cecile Le Prado. Douglas Hofstadter will deliver the keynote address. Info.

Sounds French Festival: IRCAM Workshop and Lecture
    Monday, March 24. IRCAM workshop at Columbia University, New York City (Andrew Gerzso, moderator); IRCAM lecture at New York University, New York City (Bernard Stiegler, lecturer). Celebrating the last 50 years of French music, Sounds French offers New York its first comprehensive tour of the richness and diversity of French contemporary music. Info.

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